Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Blog Button!

All of you sweet people who have our "Tyson and Katie want to adopt" button on your blog, please replace it with the new code you see on the right side of our blog. We have decided to take down our profile from which is where the old button leads. Not sure why, but we both had a feeling we needed to take it down. So there you go!
We are having a great summer and hope you are too. I've decided to go back to school and finish my masters degree in Library and Information Science. I've applied to get my alternative route to licensure, so I'm on my way to becoming a school librarian. I just know that once that baby comes I will be very glad to have school hours and summers off! Not to mention how great it's going to be to work in a school! I'm really looking forward to it. Until then I am loving my current job in the Associate Superintendent's office. I couldn't work with better people!
Tyson has applied for a higher position at the U. I am so proud of him and his desire to learn new things. He always makes me laugh and helps me feel so loved and needed.
No new leads in the baby department, but we are trying to be patient. Yes, it's hard, but no, we don't mind if you check on us to see how it's going. We need all the support we can get, and we never tire of talking about what we are doing to find our baby. Thank you for your prayers in our behalf. We hope that the ups and downs we are experiencing will help us to show empathy and offer support to others in our situation. I haven't run across a good book about the grieving process and infertility, so maybe I'll have to write one. If anyone knows of one be sure to let me know!
In the meantime we are enjoying our nieces and nephews and loving each one of them to pieces. I'm positive no one has more beautiful nieces and nephews than we do. They are so much fun and have such great personalities. Thanks to our siblings for them sharing with us!