Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anderson Halloween Party 2010

Now that it's almost Thanksgiving, I'm finally posting some Halloween pictures!! Here are Brynlee, Chelsea, and Dan.

Dad, Dan, Tyson

Dad and Mom


Kyller and Scott

Dad and Ashlee

Tara and Brynlee

Darn it! My camera battery died before Mike, Sharee, and Ikabod got there, and before Beck came out in her Queen of Hearts costume. This is the 2nd Halloween party we have had, and I'm sure we'll be doing this every year from now on. We missed seeing Tyson's family on Halloween. That's the thing about being married-- there are just so many people we love, there's just not enough time to go to every family event!
Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! We won't be able to attend the Hendriksen family dinner this year, so we send our love to the H family, and hope we will see you at Christmastime! Love you!
Tyson and Katie

Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's usually not too hard to wait. But yesterday I met the cutest little girl. She is two years old, and what a charmer! I'm usually pretty good at stifling those "motherly feelings" but this baby just melted my heart. So today, it's hard to wait. I checked our Parent Profiles website, and another person added us as a favorite since last time I checked. That should be encouraging, right? I'm not sure what it is. It makes me think, are they really considering us? Is this the one? I've accepted the fact that most people have to wait a long time for a baby. And I can't possibly be judgemental of the girls that keep their babies, because I don't know that I could place my baby for adoption. So, we'll continue to wait, and wonder. . .